All the fish you can eat...
      Every Day... Don's Tap       
 1649 Factory Avenue - Marion IN, 46952

Only A Basket

Wing Ding Basket, wings only-----------------$7.00
13 large chicken wings served hot with your choice of dipping sauce.
Chicken Strips Basket------------------------$4.50
5 golden brown strips served with honey-mustard or your choice of dipping sauce.
Jack's "Famous Fish" Basket-------------------------------$6.00
Fish only, "All you can eat fish" basket served with our famous tartar sauce, dill tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, or jalapeno/chilies sauce.
Shrimp Basket, shrimp only---------------------------$5.00
Served with cocktail sauce.
Combo Basket-------------------------------------$6.50
1/2 Fish and Chicken

Dipping Sauces
Ranch, Honey-mustard, French, Bleu Cheese, Horseradish, B-B-Q, Cheese, House Tartar, Dill Tartar, or Jalapeno/Chilies Tartar Sauce.
Extra 2 ounce-----------------------------------------------$.25
Extra 4 ounce-----------------------------------------------$.50

Dinners served with choice of potato (french fries, tater tots, baked, twice-baked, wedgies), cottage cheese, salad or slaw, and fresh baked rolls or garlic toast.  Dressing available are honey-mustard, bleu cheese, ranch, poppyseed, French, Grandma's (sweet and tart), or oil and vinegar.


Chicken Strips--------------------------------------------$5.50
Jack's "Famous Fish"------------------------------------$8.95


Wing Ding-------------------------------------------$8.00
2 Breast---------------------------------------------$7.00
1 Breast---------------------------------------------$6.00
2-piece assorted-----------------------------------$6.50
3-piece assorted-----------------------------------$7.50
4-piece assorted-----------------------------------$8.50

Combo Dinner--------------------------------------$8.00
4 pieces fish and 7 wings, 1 breast, or leg and thigh

Pork Chops
1 chop-----------------------------------------------$7.00
2 chop-----------------------------------------------$9.50